I will change your life


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Friday, March 16th was the last day I would be nearby João de Deus, in the Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola. Siting in the same room. In silence. Eyelids shut. For four hours. Wearing a white dress I bought for the occasion. The corrente. The meditation a hundred people attend every mornings and afternoons, from Monday to Friday. This is not a regular meditation. We are lending our bodies to the therapy. We are being channels for the entities to heal the hundred people that João de Deus will attend during this session.

This was the last day I would be nearby João de Deus, and I thought it was his last chance to accomplish what he promised me when we first met. It was two days ago. Wednesday. I came to Abadiânia only to meet him. A 10 hour-drive to meet the world famous medium. One last mark on my checklist before I could leave Brazil and go home. I had tried not to expect anything from this encounter, even though my friend Mike, who first told me about him when I was still in Montreal, said that what João de Deus told him “changed his life”.

Of course I wanted him to change my life. As I had wanted ayahuasca to change my life. As I had wanted my travels to change my life. But what is it exactly, to “change your life”, anyway? Did I even know what I wanted to be changed? Not at all. I wanted to feel better. To be happier. Or simply to grow. To open my mind. But I never knew what had to be changed. I could not identify what was wrong or, not even if there was anything wrong! I only had a deep feeling, at some points of my life, that I needed to do something very precise, without really knowing why: go on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala when I was 16, leave alone for another country at age 18 – and come back only when I would have changed –, leave alone for Brazil on a one-way ticket at age 26 – and try ayahuasca. This feeling, I call intuition. So, since “coincidences do not exist” and “there is a much bigger plan” as my Shaman said, I waited in line to meet João de Deus.

Let’s remember this moment with those who haven’t read the blog post ‘Live it through ».

He was sitting in his sofa, receiving us – the new visitors -, one at a time. To some of us he talked, to some he only gave a paper with the remedy prescription : maracujá pills to swallow twice a day, for three months, avoiding any alcohol or pepper. As I was waiting in line, few people and few seconds before the encounter, I thought: I must look into his eyes. I want to remember his eyes. I looked into his eyes. But couldn’t remember any presence. It wasn’t a person. It wasn’t João de Deus, the man. It was the entities through his corporal presence. Before giving me the paper with the prescription, he said something to me. Maybe because I wanted so much him to say something. I wanted to hear impacting words from the entities. I wanted to know why I had come here. What brought me here. He said those 8 Portuguese words very quickly, very low and in a very banal manner. After I mentally made sure it was those words that were said and no others, I thought: “he must say that to everybody”. I’d ask my friend Pamela what he told her later.

I shared with others. Those words were for me.

So, this is what he told me, as he handed to me the prescription of passion flower pills:

  • Você ta bem. Eu vou moudar a sua vida.

“You are alright. I am going to change your life.”

Friday, March 16th, I thought João de Deus had only one day left (during the corrente) to change my life. A short period of time for such an enormous task. But I knew nothing about the work of entities. It’s a different experience than travel. It’s different from ayahuasca. Entities have their own way inside of you.

Subscribe to the blog to join me in the corrente next time 🙂 – Now I’ve got to sleep… A lot of work this week: I’m launching my novel “Partie” in French on Ulule.ca (ps: I plan to translate it to English very shortly!). Stay updated!!! 🙂

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