I will change your life

Friday, March 16th was the last day I would be nearby João de Deus, in the Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola. Siting in the same room. In silence. Eyelids shut. For four hours. Wearing a white dress I bought for the occasion. The corrente. The meditation a hundred people attend every morning and afternoon, from Monday to Friday.

My Truth

I was feeling at peace now, seated a dozen meters away, at the edge of the sacred circle, few inches from my vomit. "But I want to go to toilet", I asked, allowing myself to be childish. He pointed out the light in the forest, on the path that conducted to the house. As I looked toward the path, it seemed a huge challenge for me to get there alone.

Cielo, Critique

CIELO Critique parue dans L’Heuristique: le journal étudiant de l’ÉTS (décembre 2017) Présenté dans le cadre des Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM), le film indépendant Cielo, une co-production avec le Chili, est la seconde réalisation d'Alison McAlpine (après Second Sight, 2008). Cielo est une incursion de 78 minutes au cœur du ciel étoilé qui submerge le désert… Lire la suite Cielo, Critique