We all say the same

She got me in the dark garden, around midnight. I am laying on my belly, on the small concrete wall, eyelids shut, forehead resting on the back of my hands. I recognize Her as the chants of the cicadas become very clear and sharp in my ears. She is waking up slowly inside my brain, coming to life nearly six hours after I drank the tea. This is not a surprise anymore. It is our second encounter; I now know that my body assimilates the chemicals much slower than normal. This is not an unexplainable mysterious phenomenon, but rather one that is chemically explainable.

The Santo Daime

If you’re new to this blog, start by reading the first article – as the first page of a book. My shaman said that thursday night’s “trabalho” would be a preparation for Sunday’s ritual. It would be a “concentration” exercise. We would ingest the ayahuasca and sit in silence for few hours, eyes closed, arms and legs… Lire la suite The Santo Daime

Living all lives

Some say that at one point, each soul will have lived all lives: the rich, the homeless, the abuser, the abused… And some souls, stuck in their physical body, sometimes wish – although scared – to live, right now, drastically different lives from their own one. It’s the kind of ideas my dearest friend Pamela and myself discuss for hours. Live someone else’s life, so we could understand how it feels.